Shane Mirghanbari

Shane Mirghanbari is Beach Cities Estate Law’s Senior Paralegal as well as Operations Specialist. He’s always had a passion for learning and law, which is why in 2014, he obtained a Paralegal Certificate from UCLA Extension after focusing his undergraduate education in Criminology and Law Theory at UC Irvine.

About Shane...

He likes to take care of his clients by solving problems and finding viable solutions that complement the client’s needs for their families. As a Senior Paralegal, Shane conducts legal research, oversees the drafting of estate plan documents, and assists in trust administration aspects that involve the transfer of assets to beneficiaries. He also manages internal tasks by helping with onboarding processes and aspects that incorporate the technology within the firm’s network.

Shane loves to understand how things and people work. Not only in his work in the legal field but also in his personal hobbies. He collects vinyl records, which involves his passion for fixing and restoring old turntables. Shane also loves reading autobiographies written by politicians and stand-up comedians, trying to understand people, how they think and why they act the way they do. He loves to know more about the history of stand-up and regularly attends live stand-up shows. Shane enjoys watching the whole process: from the joke writing to the crowd reacting.

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