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Welcome to the Beach Cities Estate Law Financial Planner Practice Group, where we specialize in providing invaluable support to Financial Planners across California, seamlessly integrating into your team to address the unique financial and planning needs of your affluent clients.

Are you a Financial Planner (FP or CFP) seeking a trusted ally to enhance your services and elevate your client relationships?

Why Partner with Our Financial Planner Practice Group:


Superior Technical Skills:

Angela Klenk is a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law. She practiced in a global megafirm where she represented some renowned movers, shakers, and CEOs―household names from tech giants to billionaire sports team owners. Today, she offers the same big-firm technical skills but in the smaller, more service-oriented environment that clients appreciate.

Strategic Collaboration:

We join forces with Financial Planners, becoming an integral part of your team to deliver comprehensive estate planning solutions that align seamlessly with your financial strategies.

Thorough and Comprehensive Planning:

Our expertise goes beyond the ordinary. We work closely with Financial Planners to create tailored financial and estate plans that ensure the complete protection of your clients' wealth and values.

Trusted Resource:

As a member of your team, we become a reliable and trusted resource to you and your clients. Count on us to provide expert insights, innovative strategies, and unparalleled legal support.

Enhanced Client Relationships:

By partnering with us, Financial Planners strengthen their client relationships. We contribute to the development of a lasting, collaborative bond that extends the value and impact of your financial planning services. In short, our job is to do great legal work and make you look good.

Valued Referral Source:

Beach Cities Estate Law becomes a strategic ally and a valued referral source for Financial Planners. Our proven track record of excellence positions us as the go-to legal team for affluent clientele seeking the highest level of technical skill and service.

Compliance and Expertise:

Stay ahead of the fast-changing legal landscape with our skilled professionals. We ensure that all plans align with current regulations and industry best practices.

Elevate your Financial Planning practice by integrating Beach Cities Estate Law into your team. With a commitment to excellence, strategic collaboration, and comprehensive planning, our Financial Planners Practice Group is dedicated to supporting you in creating a legacy of financial success for your clients. Partner with us and, together, we'll redefine the standards of wealth protection and estate planning.