When was the last time you thought about who should receive your treasured items – your jewelry, a watch, a piece of artwork, or your sets of china, crystal, or silverware?

Many estate plans enable a memo, separate from the will or the trust, to be used to designate recipients of special items of personal property.  This enables you to update the list from time to time without requiring a formal amendment to the will or trust.

Click the button one this page to receive our free Personal Property Memorandum template. It’s a blank form that you can use in tandem with your will and/or trust to make or update your gifts of tangible personal property.

Please note that this template may only be used if you already have a will or a trust AND your will or trust contains a provision regarding a memorandum apart from the will or trust. Please consult with an attorney if you are not sure whether your will or trust contains such a provision.

If your will or trust was prepared by Beach Cities Estate Law within the last few years, your set of estate planning documents should contain a blank Personal Property Memorandum personalized with information about your trust.