Trust and Probate Administration


Legal advice to guide and protect those who are left in charge of a loved one’s estate, resulting in an optimal outcome for all parties.

You have the responsibility of settling the affairs of a loved one. Although faced with grief, you want to make sure that everything is completed properly, since you could be at risk for unsatisfactory performance. Additionally, you may be fearful that there could be a dispute between the beneficiaries.

Mistakes made and the disputes that may arise in connection with the administration of an estate can result in lengthy, costly litigation. We’ve guided trustees and executors during these difficult times and know how to create a clear path to prepare you for whatever comes next.

Our Trust and Probate Administration Process


Discovery Session

We meet and listen. You tell us everything you know about the estate and its assets.

Summary Of Plan

We provide you with a roadmap of the estate administration process.


We each implement
our parts of the plan.

Periodic Check-Ins

We work with you every step of the way to discuss the progress of the administration and assist you as needed.

Estate Distributed


Are you prepared for what’s next?

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