Jennifer MacDonnell

Jennifer MacDonnell runs a tight ship as Beach Cities’ Chief of Staff. She has been working in the legal field for nearly 20 years. Previously, she worked in the restaurant industry, training team members to run efficient and service-oriented operations. Jennifer also established a paralegal mentoring program at El Camino Community College, helping new paralegals become familiar with the law office environment, enhancing their long-term career success.

About Jennifer...

Jennifer is passionate about coaching and mentoring Beach Cities’ legal team, helping achieve their client and firm goals. She provides a confident, compassionate, and steady hand, helping guide clients throughout every step of the planning process, whether it’s estate planning or post-death administration. Jennifer understands the value of spending time with loved ones, so she ensures clients know how they will be cared for during difficult the times. Let her focus on your future so you can focus on your present. 

Methodical and passionate, Jennifer has lived in the south bay for over 20 years. You will often find Jennifer behind the backstop supporting her young son’s development as a Little League catcher. She applies baseball’s lessons that a focus on strategy and communication makes a great team. She brings the same enthusiasm to her job and will be at your side every step of the way. 

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