Ann O’Hara

Ann O’Hara has been an attorney for 15 years and is delighted to be part of Beach Cities Estate Law. Ann is very passionate about protecting and preserving the rights and dignity of the elderly and advocating on their behalf when they have passed. She also enjoys teaching and providing people with the necessary tools to carry out the wishes of their loved ones, something you can see reflected in her work.

About Ann...

Apart from representing her clients in Trust Administration and Decedent’s Estates, she guides and advises her clients to administer an estate simply, effectively, and objectively. Ann works on very personal matters with people who have lost a loved one, which is why she knows the importance of being supportive, honest, and building a relationship of trust.

Ann’s favorite part of her job is when her clients exhale and say: “thank you, I feel so much better” because it means that her client can carry out the required fiduciary duties with confidence and ease. Her biggest inspiration is her children, hence, during her free time, you can find her in awe of their capabilities, humor, and growth.

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