Michael Abraham

I remember my first few days of law school, with a clear desire to ultimately help people while avoiding those areas of law that were litigious in nature. My interest in taxes that started to form in college led me to focus on estate planning courses during law school and, ultimately, becoming a practicing trusts and estates attorney. I specifically remember one situation early in my career when I was assisting a young couple with their estate plan signing when their baby (who, by my count, is probably in her 30s now) started to cry. Her dad attempted to comfort her and then said “we’re doing this for you.” It struck me there how I was helping people, and I have carried that thought with me throughout my career.

About Michael...

Michael is an experienced trusts and estates attorney, having practiced law for over 20 years. He previously worked at Rodi Pollock Pettker Galbraith & Cahill and Hahn and Hahn, two prominent Los Angeles firms, and served as in-house counsel supporting the Trust Group at Wells Fargo & Co. Michael joined us after spending 12 years as a financial advisor, providing him with a unique blend of experience

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